Welcome To GNHUSTGames

Hello everyone, hope you have a happy summer vacation! Continue to update the number of registrations on the GNHUSTGames youtube channel, which currently has 320 registrations, thank you everyone so much for helping GNHUSTGames. Please continue to support me and help me reach 1000 subscribers Youtube GNHUSTGames. Start the new week with 3 extremely exciting games: Join the journey of a shark in the high seas in the IO game is Shark.io, participate in the battle of cowboys in the West in Westoon and an extremely fun 2-player game that you can play with your friends is Duo Vikings! And especially this week, I want you and I to be able to play Kour.io together in Deathmatch or Team mode. If anyone wants to play games with me, please fill out this Registration form to play games with GNHUSTGames! There are also many requests about the game that you send to me on Discord, Gmail and on the Youtube channel, I will add more in the near future, please stay tuned! If you have any opinions about the game or simply want to chat with me about the game, please message me in Discord or Gmail immediately without hesitation. Thank you very much! Wish you have fun moments with GNHUSTGames !